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Not what you think!

Just a heads up basically this app cannot be used like emojis, their almost all stickers. Nevertheless, it doesnt work on Snapchat or WhatsApp.? Every time you want to use any of the stickers, gifs or the so call emojis the whole entries App has to reload. It takes a while to load. Really disappointed, just wasted $2.99 on a App which wasnt worth my money. Hope this helps!

It messed up

I cant use this nice kimojis anymore it was the best

Funny & modern

Love it! So many emojis and theyre all so relatable.


Good idea, but its useless sometimes! When you texting by iMessage its good, but nothing at all. Make it easier to use and works on Snapchat etc.

Love it but

I love this app but I wish it didnt have to take so much space on my phone ???☹️

Not the best

Cant change the size of the pictures, sometimes the gifs dont work or lag a lot. No fun having something when its a pain in the butt to use?. Waste of time

Not applicable on instagram, Snapchat, or watsapp

The following apps are the most used applications in social media. Downloading an app for 2 dollars and then finding out its not applicable on them really annoys me, taking into consideration that its says that kimoji is applicable to all apps. I trusted the quick review downloaded by the producers but it is all talk

Not working!

The update had a HUGE bug! None kf the emojis show up anymore but your can still use the keyboard.


This app is b.s, it was a waste of my money. I cant use the keyboard on Instagram or Whatsup, it takes forever to load and each emoji has to be copied and pasted to work. I would like my $4 back please.


Ive had this app for over a year.. I havent used it in a while but I upgraded my phone and had to redownload my apps.. and now it doesnt work and says I need full access.. I bought the full version so why dont I have access?! ??‍♀️dont take peoples money for something that is misleading and mediocre! Ill stick to the real emojis.

keeps crashing!

every time i go to the kimoji keyboard it crashes and goes back to the english keyboard

Eh ??‍♀️

The emojis are cute...when they finally load. It really takes a long time for all of them to load. I also wish they could be used with all my social media.

Takes ages to load

It takes ages to load! Not worth a penny

Love them all, theyre so cute

I just need some kind of personalization to the keyboard, kinda like googles keyboard


Its perfect except my qualms in the title, rock on??

Was so happy but not anymore

I was so happy with this app when I first got it. The app ran so smooth and my phone never got stuck, lately I am never able to use the KIMOJIs because they will. It load. I have sent several emails to the support team and I never hear anything back from them. So I will honestly say I am a disappointed with this money gone to waste for something you can never open and use. ?????

Each update gets worse

The latest update is SO slow, it takes forever for all of the Kimojis to load. By the time they load I dont even want to send them anymore! This used to be one of my favorite apps, but it has somehow gone from great to terrible. Shouldnt it be getting BETTER with each update?? And once again there are more missing Kimojis. Choice to change skin tone? Gone. All of the extra holiday packs? Gone. Eating the hot dog gif? Gone. Total BS.

Love it!

Theres literally a KIMOJI for every convo scenario! Wish I could use them universally in every app like emojis


I love the kimojis soooo much

For Mac Please!!

its cool but i also would love to have it on my computer.

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